Baseball Caps in High Fashion???

May 05, 2015

From the time that baseball caps first entered American history in the 1840's, they have evolved both in their appearance and acceptance. What was once appropriate only on the baseball field has today firmly rooted itself in the closets of most American men and women and on Fashion Runways around the world.  

Depending upon who you talk to, this is either a great evolution or the decline of civilized society:)   At Spony Caps, we think everyone is right because it is exactly those differences in opinion that make fashion such a fun and lively topic of discussion.

We thought we would challenge ourselves to put together an outfit that would be Evening appropriate and include one of our Spony Ballcaps.    

Below, we paired our "Tuxedo" Black Spony Ponytail Ballcap (with the side tone-on-tone Spony logo) with a stylish Black Double-Breasted Tuxedo Dress. Black ankle booties and a beaded clutch are combined with Black Diamond hoop earrings to complete the outfit!  

We had a lot of fun with this and some of the items shown in our fashion layout are very pricey, but since we weren't actually buying anything (which fit our budget perfectly), we could afford to be extravagant!   We hope this gives you some inspiration to put together a "night on the town" look for your next night out!  

Do you think dressy clothes can go with a ballcap?   Let us know what you think of this look.   We'd love to hear from you :)

Tuxedo Dress

Rachel Zoe black tuxedo dress / Stuart Weitzman high heel booties / Marchesa oversized purse / David yurman jewelry, $1,170 / Logo baseball hat

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Thanks in advance!!

2 Responses


June 26, 2015

Great Ideas Gayle! That would be stunning : )

Gayle carias
Gayle carias

June 26, 2015

In response to tuxedo dress and baseball cap, Yes, but brim should be black satin. Or, cap itself can be satin. Tuxedo emblem next to “Spony” trademark". Solid white satin, solid black satin, or a combination of black and white.
A black satin bow tie on the cap also would dress up the cap in high fashion.

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