What exactly is a Spony Cap . . . . and why are there pockets inside?

April 29, 2015


Well, the Spony Ponytail Baseball Cap is just like a regular baseball cap, except it has a zipper in the center back seam and it has two pockets inside the cap.   The zipper allows you to wear the cap two different ways, Closed Back or Open Back.

As a Closed Back Cap (with the zipper closed) it can be worn just like any other baseball cap :)

As an Open Back Cap (unzip and separate the zipper, fold the flaps into the inside pockets), you end up with a pie-shaped opening in the back so you can wear a high ponytail, messy updo, braids, buns or whatever your favorite hairstyle is!  

So, then why did we decide to put pockets inside the cap??   Well, one of the things that we thought about when developing the Spony Cap was whether the zipper teeth would come in contact with your hair when the side flaps were folded inside the cap.   We tried a lot of different ways to keep this from happening and in the end, we thought the very best way was to put pockets inside so that after you unzip and separate the back zipper, you can fold the entire side flap into the pocket inside.   No more worries about the zipper teeth or the zipper pull coming in contact with your hair :)  

In the first photo below, you can see one side flap has been put inside of the interior pocket and in the second photo, both side flaps are happily inside their pockets.   

If you want to see all of the photos showing the Spony Cap converting from a Closed Back to an Open Back Cap, here they are.



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May 16, 2015


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