Casual Friday Fun!

April 14, 2015

Casual Fridays are a welcome relief both in the realization that the week is coming to a close and that we can loosen up our wardrobe just a bit.   It's the just how much to loosen up that wardrobe that can be a challenge.  

Every workplace is different and you will need to judge what level of casual is appropriate for your company and in particular for the position you hold in the company.    The higher your level of responsibility, the less you can afford to relax your dress standards.   A very good indicator is to look at someone in the position you hope to hold one day and align yourself with their level of casual attire.   This can make you stand out among your co-workers in a good way and that is never bad.

We have put together two outfits below, one for a real life scenario and of course one for our "rich" fantasy life, which of course would always include a Birkin Bag : ).
For the real life Casual Friday, we put together our Spony "Waterfall Mist" White Baseball Cap (which has the center front Spony Ponytail Logo in a White Tone-on-Tone), a blue and white checkered shirt, white pants and white wedge sandals.    Accessorized with sapphire blue huggie earrings, a leather wrap bracelet and Leather Bag, this pairing will allow you to anticipate the weekend freedom, without sacrificing your hard won reputation on the job.

For our fantasy life Casual Friday, we departed from reality altogether.  For this Casual Friday outfit, we assume that our "job" is shopping : )   This outfit is too fun to do a serious job, but that's what we liked about it!   We used our Spony "Castaway Blue" Classic Blue Baseball Cap (which has the center front Spony Logo in a Blue Tone-on-Tone), a light blue shirt, white denim skinny jeans and white slide sandals.   Accessorized with sapphire hoop earrings, aviator sunglasses and of course . . . . a BIRKIN bag!  

Casual Friday - 60 Second Style

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