Tales from the Spony Photo Shoot

April 14, 2015

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit us!   Well, this is our first blog post and we wanted to share some photos from our recent Photo Shoot for the new Patent-Pending Spony Ponytail Baseball Cap that you can wear two ways - either with the back open or the back closed! 


First, it's helpful to know how the Spony Cap works.   If you haven’t already visited our “How does it Work” page showing the Spony Cap converting from a Closed Back Cap to an Open Back Cap, you can find out just how the Spony ponytail baseball cap works here.

We’re very excited to bring this innovative new product to you.  Finally, a baseball cap that provides women with the flexibility we need in our busy lives.   When you want to just throw on a baseball cap, the Spony Cap works like a regular ballcap with the back closed.  Having a good hair day?  Your hairstyle possibilities with the open back Spony Cap are limited only by your imagination!   Want a high ponytail, messy updo, messy bun or braids to keep you cool?  You can wear any of these hairstyles and still keep the sun out of your eyes with a Spony Cap!

Now, to the Photo Shoot.   First we had a great creative team with photographer Chloe Atnip, models Elaine and Lauren, hair/makeup by Jessica Rousseau and selected clothes courtesy of Blondies Style.    Add a little chocolate to the mix and it was a really fun day.    We were able to get some great studio and outdoor shots and we've shared some of the behind the scenes shots and outside lifestyle shots below.   Many thanks to the team for their professional efforts!

Getting Pretty for the Photos :)Spony Baseball Cap Photo Shoot 1

 Good to Go!

Spony Baseball Cap Photo Shoot 2
Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!
Spony Baseball Cap Photo Shoot 3
..... And that's a Wrap ;)
Spony Baseball Cap Photo Shoot 4

 One of the Outdoor shots in the Secret Garden . . .  

Spony Baseball Cap Photo Shoot 5


Just chillin' for a minute . . . .  

Spony Baseball Cap Photo Shoot 6


Well, that's it for our first blog post.   Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or we can be of help.  We hope you stop by often.

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