Blue My Mind - Ponytail Baseball Cap

NOW . . .  MADE IN THE USA!!                    



  • Classic Blue Twill Fabric
  • Side Spony Logo
  • Back Seam (Velcro Closure) is Openable
  • Wear it Closed Back or Open Back
  • Wear your High Ponytail, Bun or Updo with your Spony!
  • Structured Front
  • Adjustable
  • Made in the USA of US and Imported Components
  • Patent-Pending      See FAQ's Below
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If the back seam has Velcro, won't it get stuck in my hair?

No, it won't because we have provided pockets inside the cap.  When you open the back seam and fold each side flap inside, you tuck each flap into pockets inside the cap so that the velcro is covered and won't be in contact with your hair : )

Do I have to wear the cap with the back open all the time?

No, it's up to you whether you wear the Spony Cap with the back open (for ponytails or buns) or closed (just like a regular ballcap).  It works great open or closed.  It's like two caps for the price of one